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About Us

Hunan Tea Group Company Limited of China is a state-level leading enterprise

   Hunan Tea Group Company Limited is the key investment enterprise of Hunan Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative Bureau, is a set of tea planting,  processing, scientific research, sales and tea culture dissemination in one of the whole industry chain management, professional tea making, domestic and foreign trade at the same time. The company has 10 business departments, controls and shares more than 60 enterprises,and has 99 high-quality ecological tea garden bases in the province, with a total area of 43000 hectare of tea gardens(of which 9960 hectare of tea garden bases have passed the organic tea international standard certification); Six comprehensive industrial parks, including Xiangcha High-tech Industrial Park, Baishaxi Dark Tea Industrial Park, Yiyang Fu Tea Industrial Park, Junshan Yellow Tea Industrial Park, Chenzhou Jietan Organic Tea Industrial Park and Hexi Corridor Fine Processing Industrial Park, have been invested and built,with an annual processing capacity of 100,000 tons. Four provincial and ministerial research platforms have been set up: National Tea Processing Technology Research and Development Branch Center, Hunan Research Center of Hangzhou Tea Research Institute, China National Supply and Marketing Cooperative Society, Hunan Tea Planting and Processing Engineering Technology Research Center, and provincial-level enterprise Technology Center. Under the guidance of Academician Liu Zhonghua's team and provincial Institute of Tea, 30 major scientific research achievements including the second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress have been achieved; The company focuses on building four well-known Chinese trademarks, Baishaxi, Xiangyi, Junshan and Dongting, and one national food and health brand, with Chenzhou Jietan organic Green Tea, Qianyun Guzhangmaojian, Xiaoxiang Flower Tea, Golden monkey black tea, Baojing Golden Tea, Shaoshan black tea, Tea Zuyuan black tea, etc. The sales are spread over more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and the business scale and comprehensive strength rank among the top in the country. The total connection has driven 500,000 households of tea farmers to continuously increase their income and become rich.
  In addition to domestic sales, a considerable part of the company's products are exported to the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Russia and other markets, the overall scale of operation and comprehensive strength in the forefront of the country. The company is the national 100 outstanding leading enterprises, the national agricultural product processing industry export demonstration enterprise, the National Supply and marketing Cooperative General Cooperative system of 100 enterprises, Hunan Province agricultural industrialization ten iconic enterprises, Hunan Province top 100 enterprises, etc. It is the vice president unit of China Tea Circulation Association, the chairman unit of the National Side Sale Tea Professional Committee, the vice chairman unit of China Tea Industry Alliance, the secretariat unit of the Black Tea Working Group of the National Tea Standard Committee, the president unit of Hunan Food Industry Federation, the president unit of Hunan Tea Industry Association, and the Executive vice president unit of Hunan Tea Brand Construction Promotion Association.


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organizational structure

Historical evolution

  • April 1988

    In April 1988, the predecessor of the company, Hunan Tea Company, was established
  • December 2004

    In December 2004, collectively owned enterprises were restructured into limited liability companies
  • December 2012

    On December4, 2012, the company name was changed to "HUNAN TEA GROUP COMPANY LIMITED"
Hunan Tea Company Limited

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