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Hunan Tea Group Co., Ltd. is a key investment enterprise of Hunan Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative Corporation. It is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization that integrates tea planting, processing, scientific research, sales, and tea culture dissemination, with a full industrial chain operation, professional tea making, and domestic and foreign trade. The company has 10 business departments, controlling and participating in over 60 enterprises, and has 99 high-quality ecological tea garden bases in the province, with a total tea garden area of 43000 hectares (of which 9660 hectares of tea garden bases have passed the international standard certification for organic tea); We have invested in the construction of six comprehensive industrial parks, including Hunan Tea High tech Industrial Park ......


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International market

The company has 6 offices overseas and has established long-term stable trade cooperation relationships with over 80 countries and regions such as Russia, Germany, the UK, the United States, Senegal, Morocco, and Japan. It has formed a marketing network system covering five continents worldwide, and its export business ranks among the top in its peers in the country. The company not only has a complete marketing network system, but also uses a passionate and responsible marketing team to search
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Domestic market

So far, the entire group has jointly built over 1000 brand specialty stores and more than 10000 marketing outlets, and the company has created a complete tea industry chain from "planting processing sales terminals".
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