BaishaxiThe source of dark tea, all over Jiuzhou

  Baishaxi Tea Factory was founded in 1939, creating the first piece of black brick, flower brick and Fu brick in history. In 1956,Baishaxi Tea Factory was rated as one of the five outstanding tea factories in China, and the"Thousand two tea handmade skills"was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list.
  Baishaxi is divided into five series of Xiangjian, Qianliang tea, Fuzhuan brick, black brick and tiled brick, mainly using Anhua big leaf seed tea as raw material, rich in contents, its traditional processing technology has been included in the national intangible cultural heritage list, each tea can be brewed 20 times, with obvious lipid lowering, blood pressure reducing, oil eliminating and greasy.
  ·In 2010, Baishaxi brand was selected as"Top Ten Famous Tea in China Expo"
  ·In 2010, Baishaxi brand was selected as the gift tea of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games
  ·In 2011, Baishaxi brand was awarded the iconic brand of black tea in China

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