Junshan Silver Needle Tea Industry Co., Chinas iconic yellow tea enterprises, Junshan Silver needle is "Chinas top ten famous tea" , "the crown of yellow tea" , known as "tea covers China, price pressure the world" reputation.
  Junshan yellow tea is mainly produced in Yueyang, "the hometown of yellow tea in China" . The tea has high aroma and alcohol taste, yellow leaf yellow soup, tea polyphenols, amino acids and water extract are higher than the average level of other teas.
  In 1956, Junshan Silver Needle won the gold medal at the International Exposition in Leipzig,Germany;
  In 2006, Junshan silver needle was presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a national gift tea;
  In 2009, Junshan brand won the "China Famous Trademark" ;
  In 2010, Junshan Brand was awarded "China Yellow Tea Iconic Brand" ;
  In 2013, the Junshan brand was presented to the Shen-9 space crew as a representative of yellow tea.
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