Yiyang Tea Factory is the largest fuzhuan tea manufacturer and the largest Fuzhuan tea raw material storage enterprise, founded in 1953, "Xiangyi" known as "the ancient Silk Road of mysterious tea", "Northwest minority tea of life" reputation, its" Fuzhuan tea manual building technology" has been included in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list.
  "Xiangyi" fuzhuan tea is made of high quality black tea as raw material, which is refined by sifting and putting into mixing and sifting-steaming and piling-pressing and shaping-blooming-drying and drying-packaging and storing, etc.The tea leaves are full of golden flowers, the soup color is red and thick, the taste is mellow, and it has obvious regulation of metabolism and lowering of lipid and sugar.
  In 2010, "Xiangyi" brand was rated as "Top Ten Famous Tea in China Expo";
  In 2010, "Xiangyi" won the "China Trademark brand of Fu Tea";
  In 2012, "Xiangyi" won the "China Famous Trademark".
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