Nyishi Ancient Town of Linxiang City is the southern starting point of the thousand-year Tea Horse Road and Jinshang Wanli Tea Road, while Linxiang Yongju is located in the Jinzhu Mountain of Linxiang City and the bank of the Nyishi River.It has a glorious development history of 155 years and is the only inheritor of the thousand-year tea vein of Nie City.After the founding of New China, Linxiang Yongju enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad with its"Dongting"green bricks. It is the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hunan Province, the national designated tea production and tea raw material reserve enterprise for the side sale.
  Since 2019, in line with the purpose of"planting good tea, making good tea and selling good tea", Linxiang Yongju has set off again, launched the 10,000-ton Dongting Green brick Tea expansion and quality improvement project and high-quality tea garden construction project,invested 400 million yuan, and built new production workshops, office buildings and supporting ancillary facilities, with a total construction area of 20,000 square meters and 6,000 mu of tea garden base. The new configuration of advanced automatic blue brick pressing production line, in accordance with the international high standard management, to make first-class green brick tea, and strive to successfully listed, seize the world tea industry to the highest point.
  In the future, Linxiang Yongjiu will build an industrial chain from the first production to the third production, with Dongting green brick tea as the main product, along the banks of the Nie River, Yilin Zelin, the implementation of tea planting, tea product research and development and production and marketing, while developing and building the Baili Dongting Tea Valley Corridor, the integration of tea culture and tourism development, to build a 5G comprehensive industrial group integrating planting,processing, culture and tourism. It has become the world tea tourism destination, the world tea industry product distribution center, the world tea industry talent and science and technology highland.
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