Hunan tea high science

Hunan tea high science

  "Zhenxi" brand products are tea functional products developed by the company on the basis of scientific research results, including light tea, golden monkey black tea, golden flower loose tea three series of products.
  "Gently" tea is a black tea instant tea powder, is a global health brand health formula tea drink, the product raw materials from Xiangzhong and Xiangxi ecological tea garden, through 21 processes, layers of experience, extract the essence, retain the black tea golden flower probiotics and other beneficial ingredients, often drink gently tea to help us maintain the microcirculation balance of human metabolism, have a healthier and lighter body. Light tea can be DIY with honey, milk and other brewing. In 2013,the title of Hunans hottest local variety show "More policy more happy", friendship recommend the brand.
  Jinhua black tea takes the top raw material from the source of black tea, breaks through the traditional process problems, and makes loose tea flower and alcohol technology. The product is easy to drink, has a strong effect of lowering blood lipids, promoting digestion, regulating metabolism, etc., and the new product has the flavor of old tea stored for more than 2 to 3 years,and has a unique flavor.
  Golden monkey Xiangcha red fusion of Chinese black tea, oolong tea, black tea key process.

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