Shaoshan tea industry

Shaoshan tea industry

  Hunan Shaoshan Tea Industry Co., a tea enterprise integrating tea planting,processing,sales and tourism,which is jointly established by the Group and Shaoshan Supply and Marketing Cooperative Social Asset Management Co.,LTD.,Shaoshan Tourism Development Group Co.,LTD.,Hunan Shaoshan Drip Water Cave Food and Beverage Co.,LTD.,and Hunan Dannong Ecological Agriculture Development Co.,LTD.The company founded the"Shaoshan Red"brand,through the in-depth development of brand culture,innovative tea making technology,launched a series of black tea,green tea,yellow tea and other products,and explored a new model of integrated development of "red travel+cultural travel+tea travel" , driving local economic development and tea farmers to increase income and get rich.
Shaoshan tea industry
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