Xiaoxiang series

Xiaoxiang series

  "Xiaoxiang Brand" series of famous teas include "Xiaoxiang Brand" jasmine tea series, "Xiaoxiang brand" green tea series, "Xiaoxiang brand" black tea series, "Xiaoxiang brand" organic tea series.
  "Xiaoxiang Brand" jasmine tea is made of high quality delicate green tea and fine jasmine flowers by scenting carefully. The combination of camellia, the fragrance of the bubble is elegant, the product is fresh and sweet, and has the effect of refreshing and awakening the brain, relieving the heat and quenching thirst.
  "Xiaoxiang brand" green tea color is green, the internal fragrance is lasting, the taste is thick and mellow, the soup color is yellow and green bright, the leaf bottom is tender and even, yellow and green fresh green.
  "Xiaoxiang Brand" black tea has tight and fine shape, black and oily color; The endoplasmic aroma is rich, the soup color is bright, the taste is mellow, the leaf bottom is bright.
  The raw materials of "Xiaoxiang brand" organic tea are produced from organic tea gardens that have been certified by the Swiss "IMO" Organic Tea International by the Provincial Tea Corporation. Most of these tea gardens are distributed in mountains and hilly areas with an average altitude of 800 meters above sea level, far away from urban industrial areas and living areas, with superior ecological conditions. No chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and other synthetic substances are used in the production process. In the process of processing, the production technical indicators are in line with international organic tea standards. "Xiaoxiang Brand" organic tea is safe, healthy, pollution-free, pure natural, high grade, color, aroma, taste good health drinks.
  The products have won provincial and ministerial quality product awards and gold awards for many times,and are favored by consumers at home and abroad.
  1990 "Xiaoxiang brand" Jasmine tea won the Ministry of Commerce Quality Product award
  In 1994, "Xiaoxiang Brand" Jasmine tea won the gold medal of the National Famous Food Expo
  In 2000, "Xiaoxiang Brand" Jasmine tea won the National Supply and Marketing cooperatives famous brand product award
  In 2001, "Xiaoxiang brand" green tea and flower tea won the best-selling product award of the third Provincial Agricultural Fair

Xiaoxiang series
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